M 100J Ink Jet Laser Wire Stamping Machine (M100J)

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The M-100J/M-100JS is a fully automatic, computer controlled, high speed ink jet wire and cable marking system. This new and unique wire processing system is the first in the industry to integrate an in-line plasma pre-treatment system. This proprietary plasma device not only enhances the quality and durability of the mark, but it also gives the M-100J the ability to print on almost any wire insulation material, including fluropolymers (Tefzel, Teflon, etc.).


  • High speed, up to 600 feet per minute
  • Instant in-line curing, no post curing required
  • Utilizes a patented plasma pre treatment system to allow printing on almost all insulation materials
  • Utilizes UV curable inks, various colors available
  • Surface print, no insulation damage
  • Integrated plasma pre-treatment provides a high contrast mark that will not rub off!
  • Accommodates most insulation materials
  • Totally microprocessor controlled
  • Accommodates wire/cable: .038" to .250"
  • Accommodates both round and twisted cable
  • Meets MIL-W-5088L and MIL-M-81531


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