DPS 400 Digital Fligtline Pitot-Static RVSM Air Data Test Set (DPS-400)

Part Number: DPS400  *

*90 day warranty

Manufacturer: Barfield

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The DPS400 is a microprocessor based unit having the newest in transducer technology. These transducers united with manually operated very sensitive differential regulators allow a technician to accurately control the altitude and airspeed with no need for correction cards. These true differential regulators allow a technician to separately control the airspeed and altitude and eliminate the call for for a crossbleed valve.

The preciseness and steadiness qualifies the DPS400 for use on aircraft being certified for Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) functions and augments the calibration interval from 30 days to once a year. The plain menu driven digital display measures and shows Altitude, Vertical Speed, Airspeed, EPR and other values in different units of measure, including: Ft, M, Kts, Km/hr, Mach, Ft/ min, M/min, EPR (Pt/Ps), inHg, mb, and psia. Software having a programmable defense limit feature has been included into the DPS400 to shield the aircraft instruments from damage due to negative airspeed and over pressurization situation. Defense limit is provided by computer actuated solenoid valves that maintain aircraft altitude, airspeed, rate of climb/decent and mach instruments. The tester also has internal pumps that can create a pressure and vacuum suitable for simulating 55K Ft, 650 Knots, and 6000 Ft/min situation in wide body aircraft.


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