DPS 450 Digital Fligtline Pitot-Static RVSM Air Data Test Set (DPS-450)

Part Number: DPS450  *

*90 day warranty

Manufacturer: Barfield

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Developed to lessen aircraft downtime, the DPS450 is the most recent and one of the cheapest wholly automated Air Data Testers satisfying the high precision requirements of Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) provisions on the market.

The latest DPS450 completes a whole line of Barfield Digital Pitot-Static/Air Data testers. All features of the air data tester are completely automatic and need no manual sequencing of valves or regulators. The DPS450 has completely automatic control thru menu-driven high contrast electroluminescent display and tactile membrane keypad. The automatic controller mechanically produces and constantly maintains the input altitude, airspeed or VSI values.

The DPS450 accurately maintains the input value (Ps, PT, Airspeed, Alt, etc.) overcoming any pressure values resulted by a leaky system. A precision vibrating element sensor on the static channel gives high precision altitude measurement and simulation. This high precision and steadiness qualifies the DPS450 for certifying aircraft for RVSM procedures and augments the calibration interval from 30 days to once every year.

The advanced yet easy to use display is completely programmable for a variety of test requirements. It can be programmed, with limits and referred units of values, for individual aircraft types. The level of data shown can be identified by the user to suit the specific task being done.

Adding up to the regular pitot-static features of the DPS450, there are a lot of added sophisticated functions that comprise: automatic go-to-ground, leak test mode and device under test protection amongst others. This permits the operator to commence flightline testing precisely and proficiently, without sacrificing safety requirements.


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