DPS 500 Digital Fligtline Pitot-Static RVSM Air Data Test Set (DPS-500)

Part Number: DPS500  *

*90 day warranty

Manufacturer: Barfield

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The DPS500 Air Data Test Set is a self-sufficient, mobile, fully automatic, user programmable Pitot-Static tester enclosed in a military styled enclosure. The unit has a DPS501 controller, a Pressure/Vacuum pump, and a remote hand-terminal allowing suitable procedure from the cockpit.

Both the DPS500 flightline edition and the DPS501 rack mount edition are wholly computerized test sets capable of giving simulation, testing, and accurate calibration of air data components on the flightline or in a certified repair station. All features of the testers are completely automatic and needno manual sequencing of valves or regulators.

The DPS500/501 testers were designed to satisfy the aviation industry's increasing requirements and the call for for cutting maintenance costs. Precision Vibrating element sensors attain high precision read-out and control of both altitude and airspeed parameters. The high precision and steadiness of the unit enables the DPS500/501 for certifying aircraft for Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) procedures and augments the calibration interval from 30 days to once every year.

The DPS501 is a rack mountable Dual Channel Controller is perfect for use as a transfer standard for calibration and certification of altimeters, airspeed ind., Air Data Computers, VSI and other Pitot-Static components or as an essential part of an Automatic Test Equipment system or ATE.

A not obligatory Test Program Manager interfaces the DPS500/501 with a PC/Notebook permitting the operation of functions for permitting tests such as FAR 43, FAR 91-411, RVSM or other user planned test routines. These user-programmed tests are produced in a PC based text editor by means of very simple commands. Test data is presented in a table and can be printed for use in QC reports or instrument calibration records.


  • Compatible with any Centronics standard parallel interface printer of 80 or 132 column width
  • A database capable of saving the limit data of up to thirty different aircraft and stored in a battery backed memory
  • Available with an IEEE 488 Connector
  • GO TO GROUND feature automatically and safely depressurizes both systems toambient pressure
  • Program Manager (TPM) software Kit
  • A Handheld Remote Control
  • PC programmable via optional Test

Options & Accessories

  • OPTION A: IEEE 488 for SCPI Protocol Version
  • OPTION B: IEEE 488 for SCPI Protocol Version
  • OPTION C: 28 VDC Operation
  • OPTION E: High Airspeed 1000 Knots
  • OPTION H: Altitude Encoder Option
  • OPTION I: ARINC 429 Option
  • OPTION K: Man. Oper Ps/Pt Lid Mounted Manifold
  • 101-01199: Line Switching Unit Controlled via DPS500
  • 101-01196: Test Program Manager Software



  • depth: 19.0 in / 48.0 cm
  • weight: 77.0 lbs / 35.0 kg
  • height: 13.0 in / 33.2 cm
  • width: 30.0 in / 76.2 cm


  • depth: 12.0 in / 30.5 cm
  • weight: 29.0 lbs / 13.0 kg
  • height: 10.5 in / 26.7 cm
  • width: 19.0 in / 48.3 cm


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