Bendix/King KTS-143 Digital Test Set

KTS-143 Digital Test Set (KTS143)

Part Number: KTS-143  *

*With current Calibration and 90 day warranty

Manufacturer: Bendix / King / Honeywell

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The KTS 143 Test Set is intended to fit well in a normal relay rack or bench configured work location. This Test Set can be used with regular test benches like COMM, NAV, ADF, DME and Transponder. The KTS 143 front section shows a group of rotary and toggle switches that enables the technician who uses it to program the test set to the unit being tested. LEDs specify the program status of the unit being tested. Four (4) "D" connectors supply input and output lines between the unit being tested and the KTS 143 Test Set itself

  • Width: 188.97 inches (15.75 ft)
  • Mounting: Designed for mounting in a standard rack relay (not furnished) or bench top mounting.
  • Depth: 8.125 inches (0.68 ft)
  • Power (Voltage) Requirements: 200VAC 400Hz; 110VAC 60Hz


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