ATC 600A DME/Transponder test sets (ATC600A)

Part Number: ATC-600A  *

*With current Calibration and 90 day warranty

Manufacturer: IFR / Aeroflex

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The ATC-600A is a handy test set developed to simulate the ground station or airborne environment required to test Modes A and C transponders. The ATC-600A satisfies most recent ARINC specifications and FAA regulations regarding pilot's code and encoded altitude tests and SLS, transponder receiver sensitivity, percent reply, and transmitter power, frequency. For DME testing, the ATC-600A comes with PRF measurements, precise range, power and frequency and velocity simulation.


  • Digital readout of XPDR code and altitude
  • Measures transponder frequency and checks for correct DME channel
  • Binary pulse information for code and altitude
  • Precision DME range and velocity signals, both X and Y channel
  • Front panel connector provides direct check of altitude encoders
  • Internal battery and battery charge
  • Checks position of XPDR second framing pulse relative to F1


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