FM/AM 1200S Avionics Communications Service Monitor (FM/AM1200S)

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The FM/AM-1000S/A is a handy communications service monitor that can do different transmission test functions regularly linked with the majority types of tranceiver equipment (e.g. single sideband equipment, repeaters and AM/FM/SSB transceivers, FM two-way radios, citizen's band radios).

As a handy item having a rechargeable battery pack inside, function of FM/AM-1000S/A is probably roughly anywhere without concern for instant power. Operations from mobile, aircraft or marine is possible directly from 11 to 28 volt DC power systems, by means of a furnished cigar lighter adaptor plug. AC power function is probable from 115/230 VAC 47 to 420 Hz power services.

The FM/AM-1000S/A is capable of the functions of the subsequent test instruments:

  • DC to 1 MHz Oscilloscope
  • FM/AM Signal Generator
  • Dual Tone Generator RF Demodulator
  • FM/AM Receiver
  • RF Spectrum Analyzer (FM/AM-.1000S models only)
  • RF Frequency Meter
  • RF Wattmeter
  • Frequency Standard
  • MM-100 Multimeter (Optional; see separate MM-100 Operation Manual for operating instructions.)
  • Sweep Generator/Tracking Oscilloscope


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