FM/AM-500A Communication (FM/AM500A)

Part Number: FM/AM-500A  *

*90 day warranty

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The FM/AM500A Commumication Service Monitor is a small-sized, light, rough and reliable test instrument which has the following features:

  • 10 Hz to 9999.9 Hz variable audio generator plus audio frequency error meter
  • FM signal generator
  • Sensitive 2V receiver for AM, FM, and SSB
  • AM signal generator
  • 1 kHz audio generator
  • Frequency error meter with 1 Hz resolution
  • Peak and average reading watt meter, automatically protected generator output to 150 watts (no bothersome fuses to replace)
  • Deviation measurement capabilities to 60 kHz
  • Internal rechargeable battery (approximately 2 hour battery operation)
  • 0.2 PPM TCXO
  • Microphone input
  • SINAD/Distortion meter
  • Audio demodulator output


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