NAV 402AP Nav/Com/ILS Test Sets Ramp and Bench Test Set (NAV402AP)

Part Number: NAV-402AP  *

*90 day warranty

Manufacturer: IFR / Aeroflex

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The NAV-402AP is a absolutely self-contained unit developed to satisfy the functional testing and calibration of VOR (VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range), MKR (Marker Beacon), COMM (Communications) avionics and ILS (Instrument Landing System).


  • RF power meter for COMM XMTR power 0 - 10W and 0 - 100W
  • Signal Generator for MKR, VOR, LOC, G/S and COMM systems with both XTAL and VAR frequency modes
  • Built-in 90 degree bearing monitor of VOR output
  • Simultaneous LOC - G/S output
  • Built-in battery and charger supply
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Sweep LOC DDM to test autopilot capture mode
  • Built-in counter for display of generator frequency, COMM XMTR frequency, or 0 dBm
  • VOR bearing selectable on 0.1 degree steps
  • external frequencies from 1 MHz to at least 300 MHz


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