RD 301 Radar Bench Test Set (RD301)

Part Number: RD-301  

Manufacturer: IFR / Aeroflex

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The RD-301 Radar Test Set is developed for precision simulator testing of aircraft weather radar and narrow pulse marine radar instruments. It is a fully integrated unit which allows testing of routine radar functions by the Test Set in combination with an outside oscilloscope. The RD-301 is linked to the unit-under-test (UUT) by one serialized coaxial cable, waveguide coupler and dummy load. The Test Set can react to radar interrogation pulse widths of 50 ns to 30 s in a frequency range of 9295 MHz to 9500 MHz. The functions of the RD-301 include testing the following:

  • Transmitter Peak Pulse Power
  • IF System
  • Sensitivity and Contour
  • Transmitter
  • Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF)
  • Range Accuracy/Dual Target Resolution

Transmitter Frequency and PRF
The RD-301 tracking signal generator system allows the Test Set to automatically obtain and follow the transmitter frequency. This essential characteristic eliminates the requirement for regular retuning to compensate for transmitter or signal generator drift. Value of the transmitter frequency or PRF can be seen on the Digital Display. Video Detector and frequency discriminator output connectors permit a check of transmitter pulse shape and spectral characteristics. A rF mode enables signal generator frequency offset for AFC centering tests, and receiver IF bandwidth values.

Other Capabilities
The RD-301 can also verify threshold values for the different video levels, transmitter pulse width values, Sensitivity Time Constraint (STC) values, magnetron pushing values, Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) centering and Minimum Discernible Signal (MDS).

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