RD 301A WEATHER RADAR BENCH TESTER 6625-01-420-4369 (RD301A)

Part Number: RD-301A  *

*90 day warranty

Alt Part Number: 6625-01-420-4369 RD-301A

Manufacturer: IFR / Aeroflex

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  • Heterodyne monitor output
  • Contour boost capabilities
  • Internal/external modulation for simulating target scintillation for turbulence detection radars
  • Transmitter peak pulse measurements
  • Automatic transmitter magnetron frequency tracking and digital readout
  • (EFF) Transmitter effective peak pulse power measurements
  • Built in PRF generator and digital readout
  • Radar UUT sensitivity testing
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Built-in IF sweep generator from 20 to 70 MHz and marker generator for IF and AFC testing
  • Video detector, frequency discriminator and spectrum analyzer outputs


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