ATC DME Test Set

TB-2100 Tel Instruments (TIC) ATC DME Test Set (TB2100)

Part Number: TB 2100  *

Manufacturer: Tel Instrument ( TIC )

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The TB-2100 ATC DME Avionics Test Equipment Set gives test functions for Modes A, C, and S Transponders as well as Distance Measuring Equipment or DME. This test permits testing of Mode S Transponders with latest functions for Extended Squitter, ADS-B, TIS, and European requirements for both Enhanced and Elementary surveillance. The test set also employs Flash memory for simple firmware updates.

Product Characteristics

  • Color LCD display features wide viewing angle
  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B)
  • Can be connected to spectrum analyzers and other bench equipment
  • Continuous display of critical measurements including power
  • Easy to navigate menus require minimal training to operate
  • Easy to Use
  • Elementary (ES) and Enhanced Surveillance (EHS)
  • Extended Squitter
  • Flash memory provides easy update/upgrade path
  • Keypad supports direct test parameter entry
  • Large color, touch-pad display
  • Modern front-panel provides simple, intuitive interface
  • Multiple, variable rate slew knobs control pulse width, power
  • Provides video and RF signal feeds plus scope triggers
  • Pushbutton pre-set restore of all critical test parameters
  • Tests the latest Mode S Capabilities
  • Touch-sensitive screen allows quick setup of test parameters
  • Traffic Information Systems (TIS)
  • Two independent, non-coherent, RF channels for Mode S testing


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