Multi-Function Avionics Test Set

Tel Instruments (TIC) TR-220 Multifunction Mode-S ADSB Test Set (TR220)

Part Number: TR 220  *

NSN Number: 6625-01-527-4732

Manufacturer: Tel Instrument ( TIC )

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The TR-220 Avionics Test Equipment Set gives test ability for TCAS or Traffic and Collision Avoidance Systems, DME or Distance Measuring Equipment and Modes A, C, and S Transponders. The TR-220 test set has an advanced art design technology and its microprocessor control gives the benefits of having simple operation that would require only short amounts of training. Its setup menu permits storage of a range of test parameters to make fast recall of test conditions.

Product Characteristics

  • ADS-B and TIS Test Features
  • Allows simulation of ATCRBS or Mode S intruder
  • Measures UUT power and frequency
  • Performs Test Requirements per FAR 43 Appendix F
  • Test set allows storage of 10 intruder scenarios
  • Test Set automatically determines capability of transponder being tested
  • Test Set can be configured for automatic sequencing
  • Test TCAS I & II systems and DME
  • Test Transponder - ATCRBS and MODE S
  • Testing can be done over-the-air, using directional antenna
  • User selection of velocity, starting distance, starting altitude


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